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Internacional: tvebiomovies

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What is at issue:

tvebiomovies is open to anyone around the world with access to a computer, smartphone or camera. Through our global film competition, now in its seventh year, you can showcase your filmmaking talents and inspire others with your actions for the environment and sustainability.

Every day, the world uses more natural resources than our planet can replace. Wildlife is fast growing extinct and our most important natural systems are breaking down. How do we turn around this degradation of our planet? We can champion ways of living more sustainably – and we can tell people about it. tve inspires vloggers and animators, Minecrafters and Instagrammers to turn their creativity to our planetary boundaries!

The Short Film Competition invites proposals into different categories.

What's happening now:

tvebiomovies continue, even though no further involvement of the Lighthouse Foundation is currently planned.     tvebiomovies

What we have achieved:

The Lighthouse Foundation has repeatedly supported tvebiomovies in the past and has given the Lighthouse Foundation Prize for the Seas and Oceans. The winning entries are online on the tve website:


tvebiomovies-2016 (Lighthouse Foundation Prize for the Seas and Oceans)



tvebiomovies-2013 (Lighthouse Foundation Prize for the Seas and Oceans)

tvebiomovies-2012 (Lighthouse Foundation Prize for the Seas and Oceans)

tvebiomovies-2011 (Lighthouse Foundation Prize for the Seas and Oceans)


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